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23 Mar 2017

Time spent soaking up the warm Mexican sun can renew your spirit, inspire your mind and soothe your tired body, and you couldn't possibly pick a better spot than stunning Punta Mita. The temperatures are always just right all year long, and you'll enjoy exceptional activities and luxury accommodations whether you're looking for a romantic retreat for two or a family vacation. However, when you choose to stay in wonderful Casa Alamanda, you'll find that your opportunities are truly unlimited.

About Casa Alamanda

It can sometimes be difficult to find a vacation residence that doesn't restrict large groups to tiny, cramped quarters, but you won't have to deal with that problem at Casa Alamanda. This gorgeous villa offers five bedrooms and six baths across a full 9,500 square feet of beautiful living space, and there's more than enough space to house as many as 12 individuals in perfect comfort. These are just a few of the great ways that you may enjoy a stay in Casa Alamanda. 

Casa Alamanda Lounge with View

1. Bring the boys on a fishing trip that they'll never forget.

You probably love to get away with your friends for a weekend fishing trip to the local lake or river, but you've never really experienced true fishing until you try your luck with the big ones that swim beneath the waters of the mighty Pacific Ocean. Not only will you all have plenty of room at this villa, but you'll also have two housekeepers to clean up after you and a chef to keep you fed very well. Come and experience the best fishing trip of your life, and you and your friends may just haul in a big shark, a few tuna or some splendid marlin. 

Sport Fishing

2. Moms deserve a luxurious retreat too.

If you're like most mothers, then you're probably accustomed to working around the clock to take care of everyone's needs. A retreat to Casa Alamanda is just what you need, and you're all sure to have a wonderful time when you bring along your female friends with children of a similar age. You can spend some fun time with the children in the private, 85-foot infinity pool, and you can walk right down to the beach to build sandcastles. There are even special quarters for a nanny so that the mothers can enjoy some time for themselves. You should definitely check out the wonderful area spa services during your stay.

3. Enjoy time with your wedding party.

Destination weddings are a wonderful option, and your bridal party is sure to be thrilled with a stay in Casa Alamanda. The 310-degree ocean views will make your bachelorette party a beautiful experience, and you'll have plenty of room both inside and out to enjoy yourself. Just ask us about our concierge services, and we can even provide you with a live disc jockey so that you can dance the night away with the girls before you become a married woman. If you want to host a special bridal dinner, then your personal chef will be available to prepare whatever you have in mind.

4. Bring your employees together in paradise.

Corporate retreats are a great way to get your employees thinking and working as team players, and you can be sure that they'll be in the right frame of mind with a stay in Casa Alamanda. It's difficult to be uncooperative when you're surrounded by luxury in paradise, and your team can learn a lot about each other while enjoying the many area activities. Start the trip off with a game of golf on the two Jack Nicklaus signature golf courses, and then you can head off to one of the local zipline companies that actually offer specific team-building exercises in a fun, energetic atmosphere. 

Casa Alamanda Pool with a View

Start Planning Your Punta Mita Vacation Today

These are all excellent ways to enjoy a stay in beautiful Casa Alamanda, and we encourage you to make your reservations with us here at Exceptional Stays as soon as possible so that we can provide you with a stay during your preferred dates. If Casa Alamanda isn't quite what you're looking for, then we can definitely assist you in choosing the perfect luxury rental for your specific needs.