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2 Feb 2016

In many states across America and in other areas of the world, people are experiencing freezing-cold temperatures along with snow and ice. It's not unusual for this type of weather to bring about unlovely conditions such as cold, flu and depression, so it's actually the perfect time of the year to get away to a warm and wonderful climate. Make your plans to visit beautiful Punta Mita, Mexico, right now, and you'll soon be enjoying a lovely tropical climate that offers temperatures of around 75 degrees during the winter months. As an extra marvelous bonus, the surrounding waters stay warm as well so that you won't miss out on any of the area's amazing water activities.

Feel the Warmth in Punta Mita This Winter

Now is the time to say goodbye to runny noses, frozen fingers and iced-over windshields that just won't defrost. You deserve a break, and here are just a few of the many fun and exciting activities that you can enjoy in the wonderful warmth of Punta Mita.

Perfect Surfing Conditions

The surf is always up in Punta Mita, and you can easily stay informed with the most current surf forecast. El Anclote Beach is just one of the great spots for surfing in the area, and it offers a variety of surf breaks so that surfers of every skill level can enjoy a great experience. Stand-up paddle boarding and long boarding are also popular activities at this beach.

Come See the Whales

Right at this moment and through around the end of March, great numbers of humpback whales are calling the waters that surround Punta Mita home. You can simply stand on the shore of Banderas Bay, and you're likely to see scores of mother whales teaching their young how to behave. Luxury sailboat tours are also available to take you further out where the males are making a big show of jumping out of the water.

Whale Jumping Out Of Water  

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

The water is fine, and you're going to want to spend some time getting to know the underwater residents on an up-close and personal basis. There's no bad spot in Punta Mita for this type of adventure, but you'll see the greatest concentration of marine life with a tour that takes you over to the stunning Marieta Islands. The waters are protected there, so you can expect to swim among thousands of brightly colored, tropical fish, dolphins, sea turtles and stingrays. There are also several hidden caverns that you'll be able to safely explore.

Beautiful Sting Ray  

Perfect Weather for Golfing

When you love golf, it can be a real downer for nasty winter weather to steal your fun away. Fortunately, right now is the perfect time for a full day on the golf course here in Punta Mita. Come take advantage of the two stunning, Jack Nicklaus signature golf courses, and you should expect 18 holes of perfect golfing with some truly spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. You haven't experienced the best golfing in the world until you've played a game on both the Pacifico and the Bahia courses. Excellent tennis is also available.

Escape Winter Right Away

Don't suffer in the cold for another minute. Make your reservations with us here at Exceptional Stays today, and you'll soon be relaxing in your swimsuit next to your own private pool that comes with your luxury villa. As soon as your reservation is locked in, your personal concierge service will be happy to make the arrangements for any of the activities listed above and any other adventures that you may like to pursue during your visit.