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13 Aug 2016

There's never a bad time to visit incredible Punta Mita, Mexico, because you can enjoy fabulous weather and fun in the water and under the sun every month of the year. You may choose to surf, snorkel, fish, golf on two award-winning courses or explore the nearby mountains by bike or horseback at any time. However, if you're interested in extra festivities, then you'll want to plan a visit for September to coincide with Mexico's Independence Day. The actual date of the holiday is Sept. 16, and it falls on a Friday this year with celebrations to be held in and around Punta Mita throughout the weekend.

Mexican Independence Day: A Bit of History

Miguel Hidalgo Photo on MoneyNot to be confused with Cinco de Mayo, which is a celebration that is held during the month of May in honor of Mexico's military victory over France in 1862, Mexican Independence Day celebrates the date in 1821 when Mexico won independence from Spain. Both events represent important historical dates in Mexican history, and both are celebrated with tremendous fanfare throughout the country every year. Historic recordings indicate that Mexico began its fight for freedom from Spanish rule on Sept. 16, 1810, with the actions of a small-town priest known as Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. On that day, he rang the bells in his church in Dolores in order to summon the men of the town, and he delivered a speech so powerful that the people came together and took up arms to fight against the Spaniards. This event is widely known as the Cry of Dolores. Eventually, a large army of resistance fighters were organized, and several battles were fought over many years until Mexico at last formally won its independence from Spain on Sept. 27, 1821.

September 2016 Celebrations and Festivities

Mexico Fiesta MariachiIf you plan to visit Punta Mita during the week of Sept. 16, then you're going to see small and large celebrations going on around every corner. You'll enjoy a festive atmosphere that offers displays of fireworks and activities, crafts and games for children. There will be plenty of vendors offering authentic Mexican cuisine and creative drinks, live music and dancing and a general party going on throughout the town all night long. You can expect to see incredible amounts of brightly colored confetti being thrown and plenty of flags, flowers and various other decorations in the colors of the Mexican flag, which are red, white and green, all over the town. Don't be surprised to hear a lot of horns, whistles and shouting as well, and there's no need to worry because it's all part of the celebration. Punta Mita locals are extremely friendly, and visitors are more than welcome and greatly encouraged to join in the fun. Here are just a few of the planned festivities that you won't want to miss in the surrounding area.

Riviera Nayarit

Kid MariachisBeginning on Thursday, Sept. 15, you're invited to come out to Marina Nuevo Vallarta, from 6 to 9 p.m., for a celebratory night festival that includes fairground rides for all ages. Expect all of the traditional festivities that include live music and dancing, and you'll have a fabulous time with plenty of excellent foods, drinks and fun. Plan to stay the night in town if you like, and the festivities will resume the next day on the actual holiday.

Puerto Vallarta

When it comes to going all out to celebrate their independence, Puerto Vallarta presents Fiestas Patrias beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 13, and running right through Friday, Sept. 16. Revelers will enjoy four days and nights of events that include the popular taco festival and a parade of Mexican cowboys riding their mounts through town. They will all be wearing traditional garb that includes beautifully decorated jackets, pants and sombreros, and this parade culminates in festivities that include the roping of calves, bullfights, traditional Mexican food and drinks and live music and dancing.

Puerto Vallarta Night Lights

On Thursday, Sept. 15, the lighting of the flame of independence will precede a large parade through the center of town. This will be followed by an impressive display of fireworks, live music, folk dancing and performances. Be aware that the nightclubs in the area all participate in the celebration and usually offer a variety of special entertainment. The festivities will continue on into the next day and will end with another spectacular display of fireworks.

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