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20 Nov 2015

The lovely beachfront village of Punta Mita, Mexico, is perfectly nestled on the north end of gorgeous Banderas Bay and surrounded on three sides by nearly 10 miles of the clear, blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and beautiful coves such as Litibu Bay. All of that year-around warm water provides exquisite opportunities for an amazing variety of water activities, and you can be sure of finding a great many excellent beaches to explore along the coastline of Punta Mita.

A Paradise for Beach Lovers

Whether you want to grab the perfect wave for an excellent surfing adventure, visit with the underwater inhabitants while snorkeling or scuba diving or just enjoy a swim and a bit of sunbathing, you'll find the perfect beach for all of your wants and needs. Enjoy exploring all of these wonderful beaches, and you're sure to find your favorite.

Private Beach in Punta Mita  

Anclote Beach

This wide, white-sand beach is known for its gentle surf, and it's absolutely perfect for those who want a fun day at the beach with their children. Families flock to this roomy beach with its clear, calm waters, and you can even rent snorkel equipment for a better look at the huge schools of brightly colored, tropical fish that frequent the area. You'll also find restaurants just steps away and easy boat, kayak and catamaran rentals for a full day of beach fun.

Hidden Beach

Hidden BeachWhile not an easily accessible beach, it's a perfect destination for the adventurous traveler. You'll have to catch a short boat ride over to the Marieta Islands in order to have the chance to visit this incredible beach that is also known as the Beach of Love. This is a popular area for snorkeling and scuba diving because these waters are protected and fairly brimming with a huge variety of sea life. Only at low tide will you be able to access this wonderful beach that you'll find perfectly situated in a beautiful, sun-drenched crater.

Bucerias Beach

A journey of some 30 minutes from Punta Mita will take you to this stunning 5-mile stretch of gorgeous beach along the Bay of Banderas. It's a great spot to bring your family to mingle with local families, and you'll find the area is perfect for the enjoyment of such activities as boogie boarding, stand-up paddle-boarding, kayaking and body surfing. Children especially love the great shells that await collection, and the hearty winds often make wind surfing and kite boarding excellent options.

La Lancha Beach

A quick boat ride will take you to La Lancha Beach, which is considered to be the ultimate surfing beach. There's plenty of room to lounge on the beach and splash about in the water, but you'll find good surfing waves here when every other body of water in the area has gone flat. Bring your surfboard and catch some excellent waves.

Private Beach Options

Luxury Private Beach in Punta Mita

There is no doubt that all of these beaches will provide you with a wonderful time of fun in the water and the sun, but you also have the opportunity to choose to have access to your own private beach. Here at Exceptional Stays, you may choose one of our luxury villas that offers its own stretch of private, white-sand beach right on the water. We also have accommodations that are available in developments that provide a gorgeous beach that is only for the use of those who rent or own property in that location. Let us know what your beach preferences are when you make your reservations, and you'll soon be enjoying an amazing beach vacation in your own special way.