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5 May 2017

Those who get excited at the mere thought of electronic music are definitely going to want to start making plans right now to visit Barcelona, Spain, in June because that's when the epic Sonar Barcelona music festival has been scheduled. You can stay just for the time of the festival, or you might like to enjoy a full vacation so that you can take some time to explore this incredible city. Filled with an abundance of historical and architectural treasures, Barcelona also offers fabulous beaches and water activities on the Mediterranean Sea, a legendary nightlife scene, some of the world's best restaurants and too many activities, attractions and events to mention in one space. 

DJ with Crowd

About Sonar Barcelona

This festival made its first appearance in Barcelona in 1994, and it has grown exponentially since that time. During the 2016 event, some 115,000 people attended from over 100 countries, and this year's festival may be the biggest and best of them all. Sonar Barcelona is scheduled to begin on Thursday, June 15, and it will run through Saturday, June 17. This festival is all about electronic music, and it seriously delves into every aspect of this popular genre. Those in attendance may expect to enjoy live performances in the categories of disco, hardcore, ethnic, acid house, ambient, industrial, break beat, space disco, speed core, drum and bass and many more.

Musical Lineup

Dozens of performances have been scheduled for each day and night of the festival, and you'll have the opportunity to see an additional show if you stay through Sunday, June 18. This is just a small sampling of the expected talent.

  • Cashmere Cat
  • Little Dragon
  • Nina Kraviz
  • Beautiful Swimmers
  • The Black Madonna
  • Fat Freddy's Drop
  • Andy Stott
  • Elysia Crampton
  • Amnesia Scanner
  • Total Freedom
  • Nadia Rose
  • Ghostly Enemies

Concert Lights

Other Festival Activities

Several activities that are related to electronic music and the creativity and technology that it evolves from are also planned during the time of the festival. These are just a few of the extra activities that you'll find on the sidelines. TurntableSonar+D: This is something that everyone who is truly interested in all things pertaining to electronic music will want to attend. You'll have the chance to explore the professional side of the industry, and there will be multiple demonstrations, workshops, interactive-learning exhibits and talks. Expect to come in contact with many of the musicians, and you'll also hear from the stage directors, the producers and those who manufacture the hardware and the software that is needed to make electronic music great. Sonar Cinema: If you'd like a mini film festival to go along with your days of music, then you'll want to screen a few of these movies. Expect to see some wonderful examples of digital shorts, art-house documentaries and long-form digital art. Food Experience: The food itself is an event at this festival. You'll enjoy some 15 diverse culinary experiences that feature organic produce and artistic dishes from areas of the world that include Mexico, Japan, Peru and India. Sonar Kids: Those traveling with children don't have to miss out on this fabulous music festival thanks to this wonderful feature for the younger set. Every activity is supervised, and your children can spend the entire day enjoying such delights as a LEGO building tent, a skate park that is musically enhanced and stage performances by and for the children. This allows them to get some hands-on experience with the technology behind the music, and they'll learn about the visual equipment, the instruments and the mic. 

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Ticket Information

Tickets are selling out fast, but those staying with us here at Luxury Barcelona may still be able to obtain the coveted three-day pass or possibly even a VIP pass that grants you an abundance of special festival privileges such as fabulous menu items from Michelin-star chefs. Chat with us today, and we'll get right to work on obtaining your preferred ticket option.

Come Stay With Us

Time is short, but we still have a few stunning vacation rentals available during Sonar Barcelona. Contact us here at Exceptional Stays today, and we'll reserve your preferred residence for your chosen dates.