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14 Nov 2017

With the holidays peeking right around the corner, you may be planning to celebrate with a family vacation to Spain's incredible city of Barcelona. This wonderful family friendly city provides an incredible way to bring new life to the same old holiday, and there are plenty of ways to entertain children of all ages during the holidays or at any time of the year that you may like to visit. These are just a few of the most popular activities that your children and the entire family may enjoy together during your Barcelona stay.

1. Cable Cars

Cable Cars in BarcelonaIf your children have never had the opportunity to soar across the sky in a cable car, then they're in for an exciting adventure with this wonderful form of transportation. Two rides are available, and you'll most likely want to catch both. The Tower of San Sebastian is the smaller one at some 257 feet in the air, and the Tower of Jaime I soars through the sky at over 350 feet. Both start on Montjuic Mountain, and you may expect an incredible bird's-eye view of the area's natural beauty. This is also the best way to be delivered to the old castle for the grand tour and to Barceloneta for a great day at Sant Sebastia Beach. The rides only take about 10 minutes each, so expect the children to want to go again and again. Fortunately, it's inexpensive transportation, so you could go as much as you like just to enjoy the view and entertain the children.

2. L'Aquarium

Open every day of the year, this is the perfect place for your little explorers to enjoy an incredible marine adventure. Children under age 3 are admitted free of charge, and you're welcome to spend a couple of hours or a full day filled with excitement and fun opportunities to learn. You'll see many different types of marine life thanks to the transparent tunnel that you're able to walk through and be safely surrounded by wonderful creatures that include sharks, stingrays, gorgeous ocean sunfish, moray eels, seahorses and the multi-tentacled octopus. Several special activities are also offered, and you may see the animals enjoying their feeding time, which includes scuba divers hand feeding the sharks, or head over to the special children's area where 50 incredible interactive activities that teach important facts about marine life are available.

Little Girl Playing with Bubbles in Ciutadella Park, Barcelona

3. Ciutadella Park

Wherever children are in the world, they need a place to run and play, and this beautiful park is just right for children who need some fresh air, sunshine and exercise. Nearly 45 acres make up this grand park, and it has many special features. The life-size replica of a mammoth is always the first thing to catch any child's eye, and there are many play areas for children of all ages. Depending upon when you arrive, you may see a performance taking place on the bandstand, and there's a nice walking trail that takes visitors among beautifully landscaped gardens, lovely water features and historical statues. There's a pretty lake with a waterfall, and rowboats may be rented. This park also houses a plant house with all manner of beautiful plants and flowers and the city zoo, which is quite immense with more than 7,000 animals.

4. Montjuic Magic Fountain

If your children are old enough to stay awake when it becomes full dark outside, then you'll definitely want to make sure that they experience this incredible show. You might wonder how a fountain can be a show, but you'll understand as soon as you see it. This magic fountain is the largest ornamental fountain in the city, and it combines water acrobatics with music and lights that appear to turn some 50 different colors. The water leaps, jumps and dances perfectly in sync with the music, and it thoroughly holds the full attention of children and adults alike.

5. Imax Cinema

When your children are feeling a bit homesick, it may be time to offer them a little something that is reminiscent of home. Nothing could be better than a pleasant afternoon spent at the movies, and you'll be able to enjoy a 3-D film in style at this excellent theater in Port Vell. It boasts three top-of-the-line projection systems, an excellent surround-sound system and two screens that are seven full stories high, and you won't find that anywhere else in Spain. You'll have a perfect view from any seat in the house and excellent films to choose from, but it's important that you inquire about which showings are available in English so that you don't spend an afternoon trying to figure out the Catalan language.

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